Reuven Gafni is an Israeli artist and sculptor. He has been working mainly in steel and bronze for over 30 years. A most unusual artist with unparalleled creative imagination, Gafni has created countless works of art including wall reliefs, Judaica and monumental cenotaphs in bronze and steel covering a wide variety of subjects. His crowning glory as an artist is the numerous town squares across the country adorned with his art work. Some of his more famous ones include the 45 meters tall sculpture located at the entrance to the city of Petah Tikvah, also known as the Em Ha’Moshavot (“Mother of the Moshavot”), the “Friendship Square”, the “Orchestra Square” and the “Piano Square” in Kiryat Motzkin. More of his public art works can be found in Netanya, Nes Ziona, Ariel, Kiryat Bialik, Rishon LeZion, Ramat Gan, The Plaza at the Moshe Aviv Tower, the Mamilla neighbourhood in Jerusalem, in Ashkelon as well as many more magnificent locations around the country and abroad.
Reuven Gafni created his masterpiece known as “A Beautiful Boy Is Born” [known in Hebrew as “My Soldier”] in collaboration with the late Ehud Manor. The work is composed of 50 sculptures telling the story of those who serve in the military, their experiences and that of bereavement.
Gafni’s atelier cum workshop is located in kibbutz Yifat.
Recently, a lavishly appointed gallery has been opened at №. 2 Raziel Street in Tel Aviv – Yaffo, so that more of Gafni’s creative talents can be presented to a wider section of the public as well as to investors, collectors and curators in Israel and abroad.
Dozens of his works are currently on show at the gallery. From murals to wall reliefs, bronze sculptures, steel sculptures, models for outdoor sculptures, Judaica and more.
Many of the press articles about Reuven Gafni can be found on his Wikipedia entry –ראובן_גפני [Hebrew] or on his brand new site or see Reuven’s Facebook page.
Reuven Gafni is available for one of a kind commission for environmental sculptures, interior design projects, outdoor sculptures, all with full collaboration regarding any requirements by architects, designers and decision makers.
Visits to Reuven’s workshop in kibbutz Yifat are by appointment only.

Projects by Reuven Gafni in Israel
Tel Aviv – Azorei Hen – 3 meter tall steel and stone sculptures depicting landing and take off.
Petah Tikvah – commissioned by the City Council: at the western entrance to the town, by Geha junction, a 45 meter long wall depicting the history of the town known as “Em HaMoshavot”. At the eastern entrance to the town, by Haganim junction stands his “Welcome to Petah Tikvah” signpost comprised of metal cut outs of birds and flowers. Then there is the “Rain Drops” sculpture, standing at 7 meters tall depicting hanging rocks. The Shepherd and Shepherdess sculpture stands by the helipad of the Snyder hospital. Another wall telling the story of Petah Tikvah using metal elements at varying intervals can be found on Rabin Avenue. The “Fruit Picking” sculpture stands on the square at Ha’Atzma’ut street and the “Ploughing Oxen” sculpture is located at Meyasdim Square and more…
Kiryat Motzkin – The Orchestra Square – showing 8 musicians, each standing at 6 feet tall. A life size piano sculpture is located at The Piano Square. There are several sculptures on themes from musicals at the Neve Ganim neighbourhood as well as a square with characters from Fiddler on the Roof and another featuring the Two Kuni Lemels at the Sports square.
Ashkelon – the Orchestra Square showing 6 musicians each standing at 6 feet tall on a bed of rocks
Netanya – “The Irises” sculpture at the Irises Nature Reserve. The “Bundle of Flowers” can be seen at Ir-Yamim and “The Musicians Square” is also in Ir-Yamim. At the entrance to the Poleg neighbourhood stands another life size Piano in the square.
Kiryat Bialik – the “Friendship Square” showing musical instruments and flowers.
Ness Ziona – “Fruit Picking” sculpture is on the square at HaPardes street. Storks positioned on some rocks can be seen at HaShoshanim Street. A few other 5 meter tall storks’ sculptures can be seen in the Shoshanim neighbourhood.
Afula – A stone and stainless steel memorial to the bus driver killed in a terrorist attack, stands at the central bus station. The main body of the memorial sculpture is made of stainless steel with a Magen David motif against a background of rocks symbolising the state.
Ariel – this is where the 7 meter tall “Peace” sculpture stands, showing a dove rising over a rainbow. On route 101 there is the 4 meter sculpture of birds shown flying out of a frame. In the centre of town there is a sculpture of birds resting over the local rocks.
The Gilbo’a Ski Resort – dotted around the site are sculptures depicting the local birds located on the roof tops, sculptures of rams on the surrounding rocks as well as 2 meter tall sculptures showing the typical local flora such as anemones, irises and cyclamen. Below in the valley there is a 5 meter tall statue of a galloping horse. The site also boasts a large mural with metal ski-related motifs and a roof with metal cut out musicians.
The Moshe Aviv Tower, Ramat Gan – 4 musicians each 2.5 meters tall standing on a cast surface adorn the plaza at the front of the tower.
Nursing Home on the Zahala Estate – a large steel and paint mural depicting paradise, measuring 2 X 4 meters. Also displayed a 1 X 1 meter each, paintings of the “Seven Species”
Golani junction – a 100 meters long sculptural section made using metal and rocks on a theme of surviving the battle field.
A building project in Rishon LeZion by the developer Shimshon Zelig – the irises sculpture is lit up at night.
Tel HaShomer – at the entrance to the old army base stands The Bundle of Flowers sculpture in addition to further flower designs.
Or Yehuda – a life size metal sculpture showing a Shepherd and his goats, located at the municipal square.
Jerusalem – The Dancing Hassidim – a bronze and metal sculpture on Mamilla Avenue
Arad – At the entrance to the town, in a hotel lobby stands a metal screen by Gafni.
Modi’in – An artful feature wall on a theme of the “Seven Species”
Kibbutz Na’an – At the entrance to the kibbutz stands a 3 meter tall stainless steel sculpture of a sprinkler.
Migdal HaEmek – a touring memorial project created in collaboration with the late Ehud Manor as part of the exhibition “A Beautiful Boy Is Born” [known in Hebrew as “My Soldier”]. The project displays 70 sculptures accompanied by the lyrics for “A Beautiful Boy Is Born” which Manor wrote in memory of his brother Yehuda
The 50’s Exhibition – a collection of 30 small [30 X 40 cm] steel sculptures mounted on small podiums opened in October 2013 at the Kirion Shopping Mall in Kiryat Bialik
A personal message from Reuven to companies, businesses, local authorities, individual clients and others – Reuven would be happy to meet you and discuss all options for collaborative work on any urban projects such as urban signposts, interior design, outdoor design, town squares and environmental design and sculptures, memorials and cenotaphs using materials such as steel, wood and stone